Slovak Scientist of the year 2014 – doc. Ing. FEDOR GÖMÖRY, DrSc.

28298 1200xDoc. Ing. FEDOR GÖMÖRY, DrSc. of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Science, received the main 2014 Scientists of the year award for his research leading to new knowledge about the behavior of composite superconductor / ferromagnet / in DC and AC magnetic fields.

Doc. Ing. Fedor Gömöry, DrSc. is a research team leader researching the use of advanced materials with zero electrical resistance - so-called superconductors in electrical engineering. Thanks to his team’s inventiveness and complex approach, which includes a wide range of activities, from assessing physical properties of materials, through theoretical calculation methods and their interaction with the electromagnetic field and the development of special experimental methodologies, to designing and testing laboratory models of electrical machinery, their results have had an international success.

By combining superconductive and magnetic materials, composites with interesting electromagnetic properties can be created. Doc. Gömöry is credited with the development of numerical modeling methods of behavior of these composites. His team successfully applied their theoretical observations to two main areas: prediction of heating during transmission of an alternating current with a superconducting tape with a magnetic pad and during the construction of magnetic invisibility cloaks.

Doc. Gömöry presented the results of his research in his scientific publications.

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