1st Module of the Training Workshop

Eurotapes workshop 1The 1st module of the training workshop took place in Frankfurt at Bruker headquarters on the 8th of March. A total of 50 participants (young students, scientists, policy-makers, researchers) participated into the training workshop and benefitted from highly-focused training. The topic of the workshop was Superconducting Tapes manufacturing and applications led by Xavier Obradors, Klaus Schlenga, Vital Abächerli, and Ulrich Beta. .

In the first part of the workshop, the scientific plenary conferences, the attendees were trained on the new advances made by Bruker regarding the process scalability, quality control and manufacturing demonstration of superconducting tapes in terms of PLD processing and ABAD substrates. Particularly, they give some light on proved active tools for PVD process control (RHEED extension for the ABAD machine and in situ plume controller of HTS deposition) and specific method for quality control of texture of wide (40 mm) tapes. In addition, they showed ultra-high speed PLD as an alternative technological unit for manufacturing and the up-scale to 600 m of the HTS deposition technique based on PLD.

In the second part, the attendees were deplaced to Bruker EAS, in Hanau. Bruker EAS, is a leading manufacturer and developer of high-performance superconductor wire products. Their mission is to use our unique knowledge in advanced materials to provide the world with better and cleaner solutions that lower the impact on the environment and help improves lives. With more than 50 years of experience in superconductors, Bruker EAS provides a unique spectrum of technologies to meet the demands of fast growing markets in healthcare, energy and research. Their highly motivated and interdisciplinary teams provide high-tech solutions for today's customers while working on new ideas for tomorrow's challenges.

Eurotapes workshop 2

Once there, the participants were welcomed by Bruker staff and a presentation of Low Temperature Superconductors (LTS) materials was given by Vital Abächerli. During this presentation, after a briew introduction of Bruker company, the LTS materials were explained regarding their production, properties and applications. Many questions from the audience followed to clarify different aspects of the tapes manufacturing processes and their use.

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