Legal Entity: Bruker HTS GmbH (BRU), ( is a member of the BRUKER group, one of the leading members of Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies (Bruker EST) Division that also involves the Bruker EAS GmbH in Hanau (EAS), world-wide manufacturer of low temperature superconductor wire. The Bruker HTS possesses a research and development department, a pilot production and technology department as well as a production department. Excluding headquarters the company’s personnel includes 30 people. General administration, accounting, purchasing, HR service are provided in substantial part by the sister company Bruker EAS which is located in 14 km away from the Bruker HTS development and production site in Alzenau, Germany.

Description of the Company Involved: Bruker HTS was established in 2004 and since 2006 it integrates the former high temperature superconductor division of Bruker EAS, and the research group of the ZFW GmbH, a spin-off company of University Goettingen. The company headquarters are located in Hanau, while all research and production activities moved to new advanced facilities in Alzenau. Bruker HTS is active in research and production of high temperature superconducting technologies with materials, filamentary tapes (Bi-2223) and coated conductors (YBCO). Bruker HTS possesses a broad range of IPs rights on both materials in order to allow its own independent production. Furthermore, Bruker HTS provides industrial superconductors and application solutions to a wide range of customers, and performs also develops HTS devices for power applications.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

Bruker HTS (BRU part of former ZFW) participated in EU Projects SUPERPOLI and SUITABLE in field of large scale HTS coated conductors. Moreover, Bruker HTS through its internal R&D programs permanently provides progress in development of HTS coated conductors aimed for different applications.

Bruker HTS YBCO Coated Conductor design uses modern laser technology to create a high performance superconductor on metallic substrates, which combines excellent critical currents and high mechanical strength. Presently, Coated Conductors are available in length up to 100m. The processing is now in an up-scaling step toward batch lengths of 2000m.


Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Dr. K. Schlenga, Managing Director of Bruker HTS and Bruker EAS, CTO of Bruker EST, developed applications of superconductors in high field magnets, NMR etc., developed SQUID detectors for NMR
  • Dr. A. Usoskin, Director R&D of Bruker HTS, developed a cost-effective HTS film processing (HR-PLD, ABAD); has wide experience in development of YBCO coated conductors and their applications (as fault current limiters, cables, etc.), since 1991 managed a number of EU and German national projects
  • Dr. Alexander Rutt works as a scientist in R&D of HTS Coated Conductors, developed a cost-effective substrate for YBCO coated conductors and methods for their characterization and processing of shunt/protection layers including thick Cu shunt
  • Dr. A. Hallbauer works as a scientist in R&D of HTS coated conductors, based on her background in mechanical stress/strains properties of dielectric films develops an up-scaled ABAD processing with improved throughput
  • Dr. T. Withnell works as scientist/engineer in R&D, has experience in electrical characterization of HTS material, presently is engaged in development of coated conductors and their assemblies for limitation of fault current


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