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OXOLUTIA S.L. is a technology-based spin-off company belonging to the Scientific Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It was founded in 2010 and arises from the Department of Superconductor Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures of the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona-CSIC. OXOLUTIA’s core technology is the chemical solution deposition (CSD) for the preparation of nanostructured films of functional oxides. In the next years, the activities of the company will be devoted to the technological effort of scaling-up nanostructured coated conductors towards long lengths in order to bridge the gap between research lab and industry in the form of licencing the resulting technology to interested industrial investors or the establishment of future joint-ventures. The starting point of such developments consists of valuable top-ranked mastery of CSD approaches for chemically-derived buffer and superconductor layers of the ICMAB-CSIC. The technical plan includes gradual increases in scale for tape production on the basis of gaining knowledge on the effects of deposition and growth parameters in a reel-to-reel automated prepilot plant, engineering approaches to optimized designs and implementation of advances in CSD leading to better performing coated conductors. Six months after the foundation, the first capital increase took place to face short term growth of the company.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

Staff members have relevant experience on research and development on HTS superconducting materials as participants in regional, national and European –financed activities. Among the last category, it is worthwhile mentioning By-FAULT, SOLSULET or HIPERCHEM collaborative projects, SCENET network and NESPA of Marie-Curie actions.

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Dr. Albert Calleja is the General Manager of OXO. He is a Chemist and has proven experience in the preparation of advanced materials and its chemistry-related issues extending from synthesis of precursor salts, solution chemistry and analytical procedures up to the scale-up, being HTS superconductor materials one of his main focuses. He has worked both in the public and private sectors. In particular, he was the R&D responsible of a chemical company during 5 years. He is author/coauthor of 43 scientific papers according to ISI-WoK and has supervised two doctoral thesis.
  • Dr. Valentina Roxana Vlad is specialist in the preparation and characterization of heteroepitaxial multilayer architectures for coated conductors. In particular, she is strongly committed to the chemical methodologies starting from metalorganic solutions.
  • It also interesting to remark that, as a recent spin-off company, OXOLUTIA has also benefited from actions related to technology transfer and spin-off creation within public research institutes. In particular, a Chemical Engineer collaborates full-time with OXOLUTIA since early 2010, although she does not belong to the company staff at present.

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