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Technical University Cluj-Napoca

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has more than 12,000 students and about 1500 researchers, technicians and teaching staff covering materials science and engineering, automation and computer science, electronics and information technology, electrical engineering, building engineering, machine building and mechanical engineering and architecture. The Superconductivity Research Center (C4S) within TUC has a staff of 2 professors, 6 PhD researchers, 2 post-doc scientists, 4 PhD students and 1 technical engineer.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

The C4S group has acquired more than twenty years experience in the field of high temperature superconductivity consisting in the deposition and characterization of superconducting thin films obtained both by physical and chemical methods. During the last decade the activity of the group was focused on YBCO based coated conductors, especially on the development and characterization of Ni-based biaxially textured substrates and chemical deposition methods for both YBCO and buffer layers. Within the Superconductivity Research Center there exist all the facilities for the complete characterization of the as- deposited films ( DTA-TG-QMS, FTIR, XRD, HRXRD, AFM, SEM, magnetic characterization-VSM, superconducting transport properties -Cryogen Free System up to 8 T in the temperature range from 2K to 300K, clean room equipped with facilities for UV litography). The research group from TUC has more than 70 scientific publications in the field of YBCO based coated conductors. The TUC group has also good expertize in national and European projects on HTS coated conductors (1 national and 5 projects in the framework of EURATOM ). TUC has one European patent, shared with ENEA, on the development of cube texture in Ni based alloys for coated conductors applications.

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Prof. Dr. Traian Petrisor: leader of the C4S center within TUC, specialist in superconducting transport properties characterization, materials science of thin films (growth and characterization), extensive expertise in coated conductor technology.
  • Prof. Lelia Ciontea: expert in advanced ceramics, chemical solution deposition methods for YBCO thin films, buffer layers for coated conductors and MO precursor chemistry;
  • Mircea Nasui: specialist in CSD YBCO thin film deposition and characterization, precursor characterization (DTA/TG, QMS, FTIR, XRD)
  • Bianca Ramona Mos: specialist in CSD of buffer layers (CeO2, BZO, LZO etc.) for coated conductors and precursor chemistry;
  • Traian Petrisor Jr.: specialist in PVD of thin films, XRD and HRXRD, AFM and photolithography.

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