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CNRS: Institute Néel, Grenoble France. The CNRS Superconductor’s group has 16 researchers and has experience in materials processing, conductor design and characterization techniques. Including chemistry of precursors for CSD, chemical deposition techniques on textured substrates, design of conductors, characterization of conductors (under current, mechanical stresses, low temperature, high magnetic field) and dedicated X-ray and neutron techniques. The Néel Institute is a large laboratory (400 staff members) involved in physic, chemistry and nanoscience. It is ranked in the top of French laboratories. Lots of techniques are available through internal services.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

The CNRS Superconductor’s group is involved on superconducting materials since more than 30 years, starting with synthesis and physical properties measurements on low Tc superconductors such as NbTi, then Nb3Sn (R. Tournier, A. Sulpice). In 1987 the group was involved on YBCO oxide powders and was the first one to determine the full structure of YBCO by neutron diffraction at low temperature (R. Tournier, J.L. Soubeyroux). Since then a lot of efforts have been done on the synthesis of high Tc superconductors, from fundamental work to applications (Ph. Odier, J.L. Soubeyroux, R. Tournier, P. Tixador, A. Sulpice, D. Bourgault, L. Porcar are the permanent researchers of this group).

In the last 10 years, YBaCuO and BiSrCaCuO oxides with high Tc have been the object of researches as well on material synthesis than on devices applications (magnets, SMES, fault current limiters) in different European, regional or national projects. Industrial groups such as ALSTOM and NEXANS in France were working with the group in more than 10 projets. Several patents in the field of coated conductors have been deposited or are still under inspection.

For this particular project J.L. Soubeyroux, Ph. Odier, A. Sulpice, L. Porcar will be involved with engineers running special apparatus such as SEM-FEG with EBSD (S. Pairis), surfaces characterizations (Ph. David) and a post-doc hired for the project for 2 years (S. Petit).

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Jean-Louis Soubeyroux is a chemist and a physicist, he is research director at CNRS having more than 300 publications in high level reviews. He is the leader of the superconducting group in charge of projects involving new materials and processing. He has directed 20 PhD thesis students and is referee for several reviews. Its main publications in the superconducting field are on YBCO, Nb3Sn, Bi2212 and Bi2223.
  • Philippe Odier is a chemist. He is research director at CNRS having more than 280 publications in high level reviews. He is a specialist of CVD techniques mainly applied to the mercury and thalium cuprates. He has directed 15 PhD thesis students and deposited 5 patents in the superconducting field.
  • André Sulpice is a physicist. He is research director at CNRS having more than 190 publications in high level reviews. He is a specialist in properties measurement on superconductors (SQUID, magnetic susceptibility, resistivity, conductivity, thermal measurements).
  • Laureline Porcar is an electrophysicist. She is researcher at CNRS having 120 publications in high level reviews. She is a specialist in properties measurement on superconductors (Magneto-optic, current measurements under stress or magnetic field).

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