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The Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry of the Ghent University, Belgium, is a research and education centre where interdisciplinary activities are undertaken in the field of inorganic and physical chemistry, based on the cooperation of chemists, physicist, theoreticians and engineers. The department integrates the expertise of about 90 scientists and technical staff and has access to important technical facilities. The Research Group SCRiPTS, Sol-gel Centre for the Research on inorganic Powder and Thin film Synthesis, ( activities in the broad field of solid state chemistry related to the synthesis, properties and appl reaction, spray drying, sol-gel chemistry, etc. and the properties and phase purity of the resultant ceramic, composites, thin films and nanomaterials.

A list of current research topics include:

-          Chemical Solution deposition (CSD) of (electro)ceramics, coating deposition via ink-jet printing or dip-coating. Materials of interest : superconducting perovskites and buffer layers for production of coated conductors, titanates for photocatalytic applications, PMO for low-k materials, zirconates for use as thermal barrier coating or electrolyte in solid oxide fuels.

-          Formulation of environmentally friendly, preferably water-based inks, for deposition of materials as given above.

-          Application of spray drying in the synthesis of drugs, ceramics and heterogeneous catalysts.

-          Study of tungstates exhibiting negative thermal expansion and tailoring of the thermal expansion coefficient in composites.

-          Kinetics of simultaneous solid state reactions by thermal analysis and evolved gas analysis.

-          Use of bottom-up chemical synthesis approaches (hydrothermal, microwave-assisted) for the synthesis of ceramic nanoparticles/suspensions. Development of low-temperature procedures for alternative production of ceramics.

The research group has a staff of 12 PhD researchers, 2 technical engineers, 2 post-doc scientists and 2 professors. The group is involved in multiple national and international projects and bilateral collaboration with industry. The research group coordinates a European project (FP7, EFECTS (2008-2011)) on ink-jet printing of electroceramics.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

The research group has 15 years experience in CSD processing of electroceramics, more specific superconducting perovskites and buffer layers in coated conductors. The group focuses on the use of environmentally friendly, preferably water-based inks (see above).

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Prof. Isabel Van Driessche will take the role of administrative and scientific responsible for the group’s involvement in the project. She has already 15 years experience in the coordination and research for several national and international projects. She will be assisted by:
  • Prof. Klaartje De Buysser and dr. Petra Lommens for scientific follow-up and decisions. Both have around 5 years experience in research in the specific materials of the project. Administrative assistance will be provided by secretary Pierre Van Boxstaele and by the administrative offices of the EU-cel (5 persons with several years experience in EU project management) and the financial department and legal department of UGENT. A new scientific reasearcher (PhD) will be appointed to the project for day to day research. Technical assistance will be provided by:
  • Dr. Els Bruneel and engineer Tom Planckaert.

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