Leitat Technological Center (LEITAT) SPAIN


LEITAT is a Technological Centre specialized in production technologies. LEITAT develops R&D activities in the areas of materials sciences, environment, surface treatments, biotechnologies and renewable energies with deep knowledge and experience in technological transfers to several industrial sectors. LEITAT takes part each year in many projects financed by the regional and national governments, participates in projects co-funded by the European Commission, and develops private R&D projects funded by industrial partners. LEITAT is recognised by the Spanish Government as a CIT (Centre of Technological Innovation) and is one the 5 Technology Centres that is accredited by the Regional Government of Catalonia. Finally, it is member of FEDIT (Federation of Technological Centres in Spain) and the IT Network of the Catalan Regional Government.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

LEITAT performs projects and managing of initiatives. These include those funded by the European Union, which promote sustainable technological development, environmental impact analysis and environmental protection plans by the responsible use of technology. Leitat has a strong expertise in Life Cycle Analysis in different fields of Applications and is currently coordinating a FP7 Project focused on LCA of Nanoecotoxicity. In addition, Leitat has strong dissemination expertise due to previous participation as dissemination leader in several EU funded Projects.

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

  • Dirk Saseta is Project Manager in the Environmental and Energy areas of the International Projects Office at Leitat Technological Centre for 2 years. He has a deep experience working as Geographic Information Systems Analyst for the New Jersey State Government (USA). In 2006 he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey, USA). In 2008 he attended continuing education courses in Project Management at the University of New York (NYU). He is about to complete a M.Sc. in Environmental Audits and Management Systems, specialized in Renewable Energies at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain (Anticipated July 2011).
  • Dr David Gutiérrez holds aPhD in Chemistry (Autonomous University of Barcelona). His research experience is centred in the study of soft chemical processes for the synthesis and preparation of metal oxide nanoparticles and films (mainly titanium oxide), and in their application in photocatalysis, sensors and dye-sensitized solar cells. He was a researcher in the Stuttgart Technology Center (Sony Deutschland GmbH), he has worked in international projects, he has participated in different European congresses and he has papers in different scientific journals in the field of materials, photochemistry and chemistry. He has been associate professor in the Chemistry Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Dr Socorro Vázquez-Campos is PhD in Chemistry (2002, University of Santiago de Compostela). Her research experience is quite broad, including organic chemistry, combinatorial peptide chemistry on solid phase, supramolecular chemistry, surface chemistry and nanotechnology. She gained experience in all these fields by working in international and multidisciplinary labs (Carlsberg research centre (Denmark), MESA+ University of Twente (The Netherlands), Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (Spain)). She has a strong background in the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles for biological applications. She has also been involved in research projects studying the toxicological impact of inorganic nanoparticles on human health. Currently, she is a group leader in nanotechnology in the R&D department of Leitat.
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