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Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH is the leading expert for chemical coating technologies as well as for high-temperature superconductors used in energy technology and power generation. Energy efficiency and material efficiency are the key driver of our technologies and solutions. Sustainable exploitation of renewable energies is enabled by prevention of electrical losses via superconductors  and by enhanced material yield in our coating processes. Since June 2013 Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH is part of BASF - We create chemistry.

Previous relevant experience related to the project’s aims:

A continuous chemical deposition technique has been established by Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH enabling a cost efficient production of superconductors. This technology provides vast economic advantages in comparison to vacuum coating processes. In addition, the costs decrease due to an unique inkjet technology which has been developed by Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH. This cost-efficient technology is based on easily purchased raw materials. The production technology is demonstrated in our continuous pilot production line for producing standardised superconductors up to 100metres.

Located in Rheinbach, Germany, Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH is a technology based company which develops high-temperature superconductors for energy technologies. These highly specialised conductors are important for productivity growth and efficiency enhancement in electric utilities and in energy intensive industry sectors because they transfer energy without any electrical losses. Our innovative approach is based on the production of  superconductors with improved chemical coating technologies.

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